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Love my Yube - Needs a couple tweaks tho'

For the most part I love my YubeCube! I have had it in my apartment for a year now and it works very well for both storage and as a sturdy room divider. I also love how I can re-configure it as my needs change. There are a couple things I would change - first, the white paper backs are a little cheap-looking. When I move I'm going to replace these with the bamboo sides where they are exposed. Second, the polyglass shelves hold very little weight and I don't like how the bow - it would be great to have a sturdier shelf option - either thicker plexiglass, glass, or even a sturdy opaque option. Just something that can hold a pound or more without bowing. Last, the doors are kind of flimsy and it takes fiddling to get them to orient in the frame and attach to the magnet when closing. But all in all, Yubes are a great product and I am anxiously awaiting further accessory developments (the ones I would love to see - a double-wide Yube for longer or taller items, sturdier shelves with an indication of the weight bearing capacity, sturdier doors).

4 out of 5 Stars!

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