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Yube Reviews

seems and looks good? Size?

well I already have my cubes but I ordered them from a different store and I haven't gotten bins for them yet. I stumbled upon the white doors which I'm OBSESSOD with!!!! I really want to get these...BUT I have been looking for a while online and every storage bin doesn't have the size I'm looking for to fit my cubes and when I found these doors I wanted them so bad, but there is no size which disappoints me because I really love these and want to buy them but theyre $15 a piece and I need 3, so why spend $40 if I don't know if they'll fit my cubes or not.... very disappointed because I really wanted these.. BUT I do not know how these work so I'm only judging these by the information they have online, and the picture wasn't so wel.. it looks like a drawing to me but I don't know the quality so im not judging on that

2 out of 5 Stars!

Love my Yube - Needs a couple tweaks tho'

For the most part I love my YubeCube! I have had it in my apartment for a year now and it works very well for both storage and as a sturdy room divider. I also love how I can re-configure it as my needs change. There are a couple things I would change - first, the white paper backs are a little cheap-looking. When I move I'm going to replace these with the bamboo sides where they are exposed. Second, the polyglass shelves hold very little weight and I don't like how the bow - it would be great to have a sturdier shelf option - either thicker plexiglass, glass, or even a sturdy opaque option. Just something that can hold a pound or more without bowing. Last, the doors are kind of flimsy and it takes fiddling to get them to orient in the frame and attach to the magnet when closing. But all in all, Yubes are a great product and I am anxiously awaiting further accessory developments (the ones I would love to see - a double-wide Yube for longer or taller items, sturdier shelves with an indication of the weight bearing capacity, sturdier doors).

4 out of 5 Stars!

Happy with my purchase

I'm very happy with my Yube. The modular nature of the Yubes made it easy for me to outfit an awkward space with just the right amount of storage. The Yubes have a clean, sleek look which works well in my space. The ability to customize with shelves, drawers, and doors is great. Building the first Yube took a while, but after that it went very quickly. My only suggestion has to do with the paper used to protect the glass shelves—I found it to be quite a challenge to cleanly peel off. It kept ripping off in tiny strips, making that part of the process fairly tedious.

4 out of 5 Stars!

Look great

We LOVE these! They will look great with the 70s funk room we have planned. They assembled easily. I did have a question when I got them and support was very fast in responding. I love that! I also had a small issue with the little connector things used for stacking. Again, support was quick to respond, letting me know they had them redesigned. I was told the new ones would be shipped when they got them in. I haven't received them yet to know if they work better or not. I'm hopeful I'll have them in the near future. You can't beat the eco-friendliness of the product!

4 out of 5 Stars!
Tracy Lynn

Good, but needs a few tweaks

I love the idea of the cubes and knowing that they are made from recycled materials makes it that much better. They are working great; however, we have had a couple of problems. The pegs of the door that attach to the cube... well, one already broke. We have also had difficulties keeping our cubes together - the connectors don't seem to hold in place as well as I wish they would. Overall, I think they are great but would be even better with a few tweaks

4 out of 5 Stars!

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