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About Yube

Creativity with a conscience—that’s how the Yube story begins. Before Yube, the only modular cube systems available were either fashionable but expensive or economical but flimsy and not so pretty to look at. Inspired by this lack of stylish and sturdy yet affordable modular furniture, our co-founders Errol Drew and Jeff Greenstein set out to create a better system.

They assembled a team of innovators led by industrial designer Phil Karl who worked in association with German designers to develop the Yube—a unique modular system that’s made from sustainable and recycled materials. Designed to allow people to create, decorate, and adapt the furniture to their specific needs, the eco-friendly Yube Cube is the essence of modern living.





 Tool-Free Assembly

Lightweight & Durable Material

Intuitive Snap & Stack Design

Custom Printed Doors

Unique Line of Functional Accessories

Easily Build To Fit Your Space

Made from Three Simple Ingredients:

Sugarcane Fiber

Bamboo & Recycled Plastic



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