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Frequently Asked Questions

My corner backets will not sit in the Yube properly.
This problem can happen occassionaly due to small amounts of nearly invisible plastic around the edge of where the corner bracket sits. The problem should be solved by running a small hobby knife around the edge of where the bracket sits. This picture should show what you need to do.
How easy is the Yube to disassemble?
To see our disassembly video click here.
What is the load limit for each individual Yube Cube? How high can I stack my yubes?
Each individual Yube Cube's load limit is: internal 50Kgs (110lbs) or top surface 23Kgs (50 lbs). In addition, we do not recommend stacking more than 6 Yubes tall as this could become a difficult structure to assemble. Further, the top Yubes would not have much use since it would be taller than most consumers at 6.5' feet tall. 

Can I have my Yubes in another color?
Presently the only color in which the Yube is available is Dark Anthracite1 with natural light oatmeal panels. Although eventually the Frames might be offered in other colours, this is not likely to be for a while yet.

However it is possible to easily remove and paint the actual panels using a common wall emulsion with any color you choose. After allowing them to dry, simply reinstall on your Yubes with the snap-in panel clips. Spare Yube panels with clips are available as needed and can be ordered from the web site.

In addtion, the outer panels can also be replaced by aluminum or bamboo panels as shown here.


1closest Pantone match is 433 printed on uncoated paper

Will a Yube hold an old 12" LP cover?
Yes, the internal dimensions allow most  LP record sleeves to fit comfortably inside the Yube. We would not recommend stacking more than 4 Yubes filled completely with LP records.  
Is the Yube suitable for my kids room?
We do not specifically recommend the Yube for a child's room, particularly where there is a risk they could be climbed upon with the risk of injury if a Yube structure were to collapse. None of the ingredients used in the manufacture of the Yube nor its accessories are toxic for children in any way.    
Is the Yube suitable for outdoor use?
We have not designed this item to withstand outdoors use; it is something we plan to do down the road. Right now, we can expect gradual, but sure degradation of the frame material (and surface rust on the metal parts) from within 6 months of being outdoors    
Will the natural fiber panels shrink or distort if liquids spill on them?
The material is specially treated to successfully allow water and oil resistance for two hours. If an an accidental spill occurs, it can simply be wiped off without any evidence later.
Can Yubes be mounted directly to a wall?
No; the design of the Yube does not allow for any way of fixing and supporting the structure. 
Is it possible to use Yubes to transport goods, for example when moving?
This is probably not a good idea as the back panel is not sufficiently rigid to hold the weight of goods tilting back. For moving Yube structures, disassembling them is quick and easy (see video). All spare parts, in case needed for Yube restoration, are available on line.
How many Yubes do I need to hold my flat screen television?
  • 32" or 42" requires 3 Yubes joined horizontally
  • 50" or 60" requires 4 Yubes joined horizontally
Where does the name Yube come from?
Yube doesn't have any specific meaning other than it is meant to evoke the idea of You and Cube i.e. it is a cube system customizable by you... 


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